Incredbile Things You Didn't Know Google Search Could Do

When you think about Google, what comes to your mind is an endless array of answers and information. In recent times, Google search can do a whole lot more than you think if you know all of its hidden powers.

Find your next job on Google by searching for "jobs near me" or something specific like "programming jobs" You can then narrow down the search as needed, find direct links to apply to positions, and even turn on email alerts for worthwhile queries.

Thinking about going to school abroad? Google can give you oodles of useful info about any school in the United States. All you have to do is search for the school's name, and you'll get an interactive box with facts about its average cost (before and after financial aid for any income level) along with its acceptance rate, typical test scores, rankings, and notable alumni.

You can use Google as a personal time-keeper by typing "timer" or "stopwatch" into Google search box. You can also set a specific timer by typing "10 minutes timer" or "45 minutes timer" (or whatever amount of time you desire).

You can browse or search through your own past Google searches and even rediscover results you clicked while signed into your account by visiting can also erase the past - or maybe just part of it.

You probably know that Google can act as a basic calculator, performing addition, subtraction, and so on - but did you know it can also do all sorts of advanced mathematics? For instance, you can have Google graph complicated equations like "cos(3x) + sin(x), cos(7x)+sin(x)" by entering them directly into the search box. And you can fire up a geometry calculator by searching for a specific query like "area of a circle" "formula for a triangle perimeter," or "volume of a cylinder" - and then entering in the values you know.

Google can also convert megabytes to gigabytes, Fahrenheit to Celsius, and days into minutes or even seconds. You can do these things by typing "unit converter" into the search box. You can also perform conversions directly by searching for the exact changeover you want.

For Designers, searching for "color picker" will pull up a simple tool that lets you select a color and find its HEX code, RGB value, CMYK value, and more - and easily convert from one color code type to another.

Google's image search function has a similarly useful option: After searching for an image, tap "Tools" at the top of the results. You'll be able to filter your image search to show only results of a particular size or color.

Find your current IP address in a snap by typing "IP Address" into any Google prompt. 

Google can also measure your internet speed and give you speedy results, regardless of whether you're on Wi-Fi or mobile data. Just type "speed test" into a search box and then click the "Run Speed Test" button to get started.

Search or browse through hundreds of old print newspapers at Google's hidden newspaper archive site.

Hardly anyone knows it, but Google has a system that allows you to save results from your searches and then organize them into collections. From a browser, it works with images, jobs, and places; after searching for any of those types of items, you'll see small bookmark icons alongside your results that can be clicked to save the associated entities. If you have an Android phone, you can also save web pages by pulling them up within the Google app and then looking for the bookmark icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. You can find and sort your saved stuff by going to or searching for "Collections"

Trying to reach a site that's temporarily down or permanently offline? Type "cache" followed by the site's address directly into Google. That'll take you to a recently saved version of the site hosted on Google's own servers.