Parents Buried Son Alive For Not Knowing The Bible

The Mirror (UK) reported that a seven-year-old boy, Ethan Hauschultz has died after allegedly being buried alive by his own parents for not knowing the Bible.

Before he was buried alive, his parents punished him when he failed to memorize verses from the Bible, according to police reports, they make him carry a 44-pound log for two hours every day for a week.

From the report, it was gathered that the little boy was kicked and punched several times, a heavy log was then rolled over his body and stood on his head while he was face-down in a puddle.

He was later packed into a coffin while still breathing and then buried alive.

Medical reports show Ethan died from hypothermia and blunt force trauma to the head, abdomen, and chest, and a fractured rib. It is not known exactly if the Hauschultzs are related to Ethan, but they are listed as his legal guardians.