10 Positive Things You Should Say To Your Children

The most simple expressions can help your children grow in self-confidence, knowing they are appreciated and loved.

We put together some positive things you should learn to say to your children daily.

1. I'm grateful to God for your existence.

2. I'm proud of you for (say what it is).

3. You make me very happy (for doing...say what it is)

4. Our family is incomplete without you in our life.

5. I believe in you

6. I want to hear your opinion about this. What do you think?

7. You just asked an intelligent question. I'm glad you did

8.  I learn a lot of new and current things when I'm with you.

9. We all make mistakes

10. I love you!

By referring to specific things children do, we will encourage them to cultivate positive attitudes and approach life with confidence.

They will always feel secure, try to learn new things so they can teach us, and also try even if they will make a mistake at the first try.