Samsung's Folding Smartphones Break On Day One

The Samsung Galaxy Fold may have a serious fragility problem according to the news going round. Reviewer Dieter Bohn noticed that a piece of debris distorting the screen of his Samsung Galaxy Fold broke after one day of use. He writes: "a piece of debris distorting the screen on a $1,980 phone after one day of use feels like it's on an entirely different level".

Samsung hasn't respond to the reviews (via an official statement) on the screen issues, but this certainly can't be a good sign ahead of the devices launch. The device is set to launch to the public on April 26, 2019.

Some reviewers apparently damaged the device by removing a polymer layer from the top of the phone that isn't supposed to be removed.

More than one early user has made the mistake of removing the polymer layer, which seems to look like the same sort of screen protector that people are used to removing from their devices, promptly causes problems, Don't do it.

If the folding display issues are widespread it ccould lead to a recall similar to the one Samsung had to issue for the Note 7 battery fires.

There doesn't seem to be a common reason why the displays have broken. Buster Hein, a writer for the online magazine, Cult of Macc claimed to have reach out to Samsung for comment on what could be causing the issue but as of the time of posting this, no feedback yet.