Why Your Dressing Matter No Matter Your Job Level

Do not mistake dressing good with wearing expensive things. They are two different things. If we are clear with that, let us hit the ground running. Oh, before I forget to remind you this, I am not an expert.

I read from an Online Career Advice magazine that: dressing really good promotes your little good work at work. In fact, a study suggest that employees who want to make a really good impression needs to appear really nice everyday.

For interns and people looking to get ahead in their careers, dressing up becomes especially important. If you are looking to get ahead in your careers, dressing down is one of the most crucial mistakes you can make.

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Career coach, Ryan Kahn told Business Insider it's better to be the best-dressed intern than to be known as the one who is unorganized. The thing with this is, if people assume you to be too unorganized, they will think that about how you work. But, if people assume you to be an organized, well dressed intern, they will want to get close to you naturally. When they come closer, they will discover that you can offer even more than good looks. Good right?

Just as I mentioned above, looking good is different from looking expensive oh! Do not put yourself in unnecessary debt because you want to look good. That is a stupid way to go. To make the most out of a tight budget, try purchasing just a few quality items instead of a bunch of low-cost clothes. Other experts suggest you spend 5 to 7% of your salary on clothes. 

You are a smart person, I'm sure you know how to look good without running into debts.