How To Choose The Perfect Social Media Platform For Your Business

I am sure you've heard or read about the importance of social media for your business. With so many different options out there, how do you choose the best social media platform(s) for your business? 

The biggest mistake small business owners make is to try to be on every social media platform. This is a very counter productive strategy. For you to be productive online, you need to identify what works for you.

This article analyse the 4 most popular (common) social media platform you can use for your business. This analysis aim to help you choose which one or ones are the most suited for your business.


Facebook is the world's biggest social media platform. With over 1.5 billion registered users, it is almost a must have for every business. However, there appear to be as tumbling block.

According to my friend, Luc Durand of Ranking Academyonly 9% of Facebook users are aged between 15 to 24. In-fact, most of these people (aged between 15 - 24) do not have a Facebook account, or they have completely abandoned the account. This means that, if your product or services are targeted at young people, then Facebook is not for you.

Luc Durand also mentioned in one of his YouTube videos that 71% of Facebook users are adults aged between 25 to 54. If your product and services are structured to meet the needs of adults, then having a Facebook presence for your business is not an option. It's a must! Else, consider another platform.


Twitter is a micro-blogging platform which started in 2006. Twitter now boast of over 328 million users. 

Twitter allow users send short messages of 280 characters known as tweets. It can be posted with images (4 Images at most), Video, GIFs or Polls. 

If your product and services require a long explanation (of what you do), then Twitter is the right channel for you. You can even start a thread. Twitter threads are ongoing conversations in the form of Tweets centered on the original Tweet's subject or topic which in this case, your business. A Twitter thread helps connect you with even more people. For your business (which is the focus), it is a powerful way to connect with your target audience.

Anthony Murphy, the CEO at AttentionMedia said "Twitter provides you and your business a real-time communication channel with the rest of the world." I agree with him. But, the problem with Twitter is its busy nature. 

Twitter is a very busy platform with about 340 Million tweets published everyday. It allows a real-time communication channel you can take advantage of by creating an interaction around your business. However, you can get lost in the midst of the crowd in seconds. A solution to this is by asking your customers to write (tweet) about your product or your business using a dedicated hashtag. If you're not using hashtags, your content is going to sink into a sea of tweets. On the other hand, if you're using too many hashtags, your message is going to lose its value. You just have to know how to balance this. 

Here is an important information. A recent survey by Luc Durand (remember him?) came up with this interesting information. Only 19% of Twitter users are Female while 81% of it's users are Male. This is very important to note. If you are trying to sell men products, your target audience are on Twitter.


Instagram is a visual social media platform created in 2010. Every posts on this platform have to be led by a Photo or a Video. With over 700 Million active users, it rank as one of the most important platforms for reaching your target audience. Note this, to attract audience on this platform, you need top quality Designs and Videos.

Instagram is dominated by youthful users with 40% of its users are aged between 16 to 47 out of which 60% are female.

If your product are directed to the female gender, make Instagram your home.  Instagram requires less words but more visuals. If your product or services require little explanatory text with Images, then Instagram is for you. However, if you need to create a banner with a lot of text to explain your product and services, please stay away from Instagram. Consider using other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Remember this, the quality of your pictures is paramount. Do not post for posting sake. 


LinkedIn was created in 2003, with over 400 million users, advertising your products and services on LinkedIn means you have your product and services in the face of 400 million professionals everyday. Well, let us say over 10 Million professionals everyday.

According to Expanded Ramblings, 44% of LinkedIn users are Female, compared to 56% who are Male. Almost a quarter of LinkedIn users are 18 to 29 while 61% percent of LinkedIn users are those aged 30 to 64 years,

Another beautiful thing about LinkedIn is the connection you can get from this platform. There are over 870,000 interest groups covering every industry for you to join! LinkedIn is also a great platform for you to share insights about your industry. Each posts you share will send an email notification to people in your network, alerting them that you have shared something new which can get shared and give your business more visibility. 

From the explanation above, I am sure you must have picked one or two platforms that will suit what you offer to the general public. Or, maybe you just have to adjust your Ads to suit the audience on each platform you belong to. 

For instance, someone who offers Catering Services do not really need to channel a lot of energy and money into Twitter Campaigns. Instead, the energy and money should be channel into creating and maintaining a strong Instagram presence. Instagram audiences are move by what they see. If your food photograph is top-notch and your services matches what you have on your page, you are on your way to locking it down forever. Your Ads on LinkedIn should focus on the different packages you offer office workers. While on Facebook, you want to let the audience know that you offer Home Services and Events Services.

If you are a Fashion Designer, a Fashion Stylist, or you love looking really good that people talked you into selling clothes because they believe you have a good-taste for classy wears and then BOOM! it has become a business and now you want to move that business forward by promoting it online. Well, you have to blow your trumpet on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter but in different ways. 

Do not post your short gown, bikini pants, club-wears etc. on Facebook! Your customer for that type of wears are not on Facebook, they are waiting for you on Twitter and Instagram!

Let's say you have this killer dress you want people to see, post that dress on Twitter with an hilarious caption. Twitter people love to laugh. To get their attention, you need to be hilarious and less professional as you can be. 

"Will your girlfriend fit into this dress?". That caption for a killer dress will prompt a lot of responses from a lot of young men and women on Twitter. Some will say some really nasty  things (of course), while some people will tag others to ask if they will buy the dress for them. The more comments, retweets, likes you get, the better for your business. Do not forget to respond to their comments. Even the most stupid ones, respond but remain highly professional with your responses (sounds like a lot of work right? Well, it is). 

If you want an easy route, Instagram is that escape route you are searching for. On Instagram, you are free to post any type of Image you feel like. Corporate wears, Beach Wears, etc. can be on your Instagram page. As long as the image is good, and you appear to be real, you will get the attention of a possible client, trust me. 

So you are asking, how can I reach my audience on LinkedIn. Well, if you remember, LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. You can call it "the professional version of Facebook". Professionals wear other types of clothes of course, but, they do not want to come on LinkedIn to check out your collections if it does not have to do with work. Oh, you caught the key to their heart right? LinkedIn is where you sell your professional wears. That suit, the tie, office shoes, skirts, etc. are what you sell on LinkedIn. 

I can go on and on, but then, I do not want to bore you with long words. I am sure you must have learnt a lot from this article. If you feel you still need to learn more, feel free to send me an email or a WhatsApp message. I will be glad to help you generate more sales.

Enjoy today!