Twitter Introduced A New Feature And It Is Not The Edit Function

For years, Twitter users have been begging Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to create a feature that would enable them to edit their tweets after publishing, and thus saving themselves from the embarrassment of a mistake, auto-correct mishap, or any other blunder that would ensue as a result of inadequate proofreading.

In 2018, Kim Kardashian advocates of the much-desired "edit button," and even confronted the social media CEO about it at a party once:
In January 2019 (this month), Twitter confirmed the introduction of a new feature for Android that gives users more control of their timeline by letting them quickly switch between an algorithm-generated timeline and one that shows the most recent tweets first.

The same feature launched for iPhone in December 2018.

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It’s super-simple to use, though first make sure you have the latest version of Twitter loaded on your phone. After that, a new “sparkle” button will appear at the top right of the display.

Tapping on it brings up a card at the bottom of the screen that lets you jump between the default “Home” setting, which shows the algorithm-generated “top tweets,” to the “latest tweets” posted by people that you follow.

If you leave Twitter in the latest-tweets setting but don’t go back to the app for a while, it will automatically switch you back to the Home setting for top tweets when you return. In that case, a short message will appear on the display telling you that you’ve been returned to the Home setting.

The new feature is great however an edit feature would have been something more.