17 Side Business Ideas and How to Start Without Quitting Your Job

1. Blogger

No matter how time consuming your work is, creating a blog and making money with it is possible. It’s not a get rich quick ordeal, but if you do it right, you will surely make money.

Blogging is a potential profession where knowledge about virtually anything can be leveraged into an online audience. Whether you’re writing for mechanical engineers interested in professional tips or posting “Game of Thrones” fan fiction, your blog could potentially become your next big thing.

2. Influencer

One potential way to turn your social media skills into a legit side hustle is by becoming an influencer. If your social media accounts are rife with engaged followers, you’re a valuable asset that you can market to companies. If you can identify your niche, look into sponsors that might be interested in paying you to access your network.

The first and most important thing to do is building a following, so start by trying to keep your posts on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook regular and engaging.

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3. Consultant

You might not need to look far for ideas to start a new business -- your current job might hold the key. If you can find work as a consultant, you can leverage your current position and associated expertise into a separate business.

“One of the quickest ways to start a business while working is by offering consultations,” said Michelle Ngome of MichelleNgome.com and the podcast Networking With Michelle. “Anyone who has three to five years of experience has expertise in a specific area. Offering consultations is low overhead and allows someone to make quick money if they’re good at what they do.

4. Private Tutor

The skills and knowledge that make you a valuable asset at work can also be valuable to others, so your side hustle can just be passing along the wisdom you’ve picked up at work. 

There’s also a constant need for private tutors everywhere there are children.

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5. Sell Photos to Stock Photography Websites

You can also make extra cash with your penchant for snapping pictures by selling your shots to stock photography sites. Posing pictures of everyday tasks or taking shots of known landmarks could translate into something you can sell to various online photo banks. So, if you have the eye, look into sites like Shutterstock or Getty Images to see if your pictures can become your side business.

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are telecommuting workers who handle a variety of tasks for a fee. So, if you’re a whiz with office tasks, look into hiring yourself out in your spare time. Plenty of people need help with planning, staying organized and more.

You can look for virtual assistant jobs on most jobs sites like UpWork or even find a more specialized site like We Are Virtual Assistants.

Another wonderful way will be online jobs. There are a lot of websites that gives an opportunity to work from home irrespective of your location. An example is Airtasker 

Airtasker is a service marketplace/freelancing platform that freelancers can use to find work that can earn them some extra money. Similarly, Airtasker can help people find skilled individuals who can complete whatever task they need to get done at the moment, be it home cleaning, handyman jobs, admin work, photography, graphic design or even website building. Give it a try today.

7. Caterer

A lot of people have a passion for food, you can turn your passion to some extra cash.

As a caterer, you can limit yourself to jobs that fit around your 9-to-5 work schedule while still getting a chance to cook professionally. You could throw a dinner party to let your MD at work and his friends know you’re in the business. Think Big!

8. Self-Publish Your Book

Print media might not be what it used to be, but the rise of e-books does mean that the barrier is lower for self-publishing. There are plenty of sites where you can publish -- or even sell -- your e-book, putting your work out there and potentially launching your career as an author. If you’re ready to undertake writing a book, you’ve got options for turning it into a business -- publishing on Amazon can take as little as five minutes and costs nothing.

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9. Personal Trainer

If your friends call you a gym rat, you might be able to turn your passion into a lucrative side gig. Your passion for fitness could be part of why you’re right to help others get into better shape. Be sure to get properly certified before taking on clients

10. Party Planner

Anyone who really enjoys entertaining might have the makings of a potential party planner. And, with so many parties taking place on the weekends, this is one side job that could be an ideal fit for someone who can’t quit their current job

11. Bartend or Ushering Jobs on Weekends and Nights

Working as a bartender or an usher can be an ideal job to fit around full-time work elsewhere, especially if you can negotiate your shifts to fall primarily on Friday and Saturday nights.

12. Graphic Designer

The number of different businesses in need of freelance graphic design work is vast, with plenty of firms finding themselves without professional graphics on their website or marketing materials. If you have a talent for the visual arts and a knowledge of some of the professional programs used in graphic design, market yourself as a freelance graphic designer and start building a portfolio.

You can begin looking at graphic design work on standard job sites like Indeed.com or Monster, or you can look for more specialized sites like Creative Circle.

13. Podcaster

Many podcasts can usually be classified as “passion projects” more than anything else. But, in the event that yours is actually getting some real listeners, turn it into a side hustle. Sponsors will pay to advertise to your listeners, especially if you have a niche audience that might otherwise be hard to reach. Put your podcast out there on iTunes, or you can sign up for a SoundCloud account.

14. Teach English

There’s one skill you definitely have that could translate to money: speaking English. If not, the odds are good you’re not getting a whole lot out of this article.

There’s plenty of people in need of lessons on speaking English, and you can even teach classes on WhatsApp at your free time.

15. YouTuber

Breaking through on YouTube is far from easy with thousands of creators fighting for the same eyeballs. However, if you can find your audience, you can also turn a fun vlogging hobby into an actual business. YouTube offers a lot of support to its creators through its channel dashboard, including the ability to access analytics or build a community with other vloggers

16. DJ

From weddings to private parties, getting someone who knows how to handpick the music that will keep everyone on the dance floor and having fun is an important part of party planning. If you have an encyclopedic knowledge of musical styles and a talent for reading a room, consider investing in some speakers and equipment and start advertising your skills as a DJ

17. Volunteer

Of course, if money’s not the thing motivating you to seek out a side business, don’t overlook volunteering. You can feel good about putting work into making your community a better place. And who knows, it might result in contacts that could ultimately result in new career opportunities