How To Fix Friendship That's Drifting Apart, According To A Relationship Expert

I am not an expert.

How does one fix a relationship that's already drifting apart? Alex Williamson, Chief Brand Officer for Bumble BFF explain the best ways to fix a friendship that you really want, but drifting off daily.

Sometimes, this shift (or drift) is unavoidable. Life changes, unfortunately, we don't always go through life changes at the same time as our friends. Because our lives change constantly, our friendship can never remain the same, at the same pace.

Check out what Williamson had to say about salvaging a fading friendship.

Don't Play The Blame Game

Conflict is naturally going to happen. When this happen, do not focus too much on the other person. Focus on the areas where you were wrong. Finger-pointing (playing the blame game) should be avoided at all costs if you want to save a good friendship.

 Put Pride Aside

If you truly focus on yourself when conflict comes, you will see your own faults. Now, when you've identify your faults, put pride aside and pick up the phone. Social media is a great tool for connection, but that is not a proper replacement for a phone call. We all need to be better about calling our friends.


In the process of focusing on the areas where you were wrong, you will definitely find out their (your friends) faults. Do not be quick to point it out except you just want to score a point, not to save the friendship. Listening to your friends perspective can be key to clearing up any misunderstandings.

Explain Your Hurts

We need to be careful here, being honest about your feelings is key, "if someone has hurt you, tell them and be honest about it" says Williamson. Explaining your hurts is not the same thing as pointing out all the faults of the other person. Take note of this.

There's nothing worse than a friendship fading with no explanation if there is one to give. When we refuse to be open and honest in our lives, we ultimately betray ourselves. When we are honest, we are able to maintain a relationship with ourselves and the people in our lives.

This article is originally featured in THE ZOE REPORT website.