#BBNaija: I Know Who Will Win This Year Edition! Top Celebrities Are Already Tipping Him Too

I love to be a bearer of good news and Yes! I have good news about The Big Brother Naija. 

Although the Big Brother Naija 2019 is still in it's early days, some of us have a clue of who the winner will be. 

Mike Edwards is the name of that winner. 

Did you just hiss? Oh, you think I'm bluffing. Well, if you have such thoughts, you need to exit that bubble right now. You need to stop living in denial and face the truth which you know deep down is very, very real.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not forcing my predictions on you. But, if you look at the other housemates and take a good look at Mike, you will see beyond doubts that this man was built to win this.

Why I Think Mike Edwards Will Win

He is Focus: It took 6 days for one of the housemates to observed and confirmed how focus Mike is. In his diary session, Omashola described Mike as a focus person. That statement says a lot. Especially when the statement is coming from a fellow housemate.

He is Not Out For The Money, He is Out To Catch Some Fun

Mike Edwards is married and he announced that with a broad smile on Sunday during the unveiling of the Housemates. His wife in a viral video threw her support behind him. Describing her husband's decision to partake in the reality show as 'funny' caught my attention than her pretty face and nice accent. Her statement means something to me and to everyone who knows that a man who is out to do a thing just for fun (especially a TV reality like Big Brother) go farther than those who are out to impress the audience or fake it all through.

Another interesting thing about Mike is this, he is not in the house for the money. His profile on the Big Brother website have this about him: "...He’d still come to the Big Brother Naija House even if he had a million dollars..."

He is A Born Leader

It takes a leader to identify leadership abilities in another "potential" leader. I will leave you to J.J Omojuwa's tweet about Mike

You Love Him Already

Except you want to lie, you love Mike already. Take a look at this Twitter poll: 
The Future Looks Bright For Him

Apart from winning, the future looks bright for Mike. Some people are bothered about his chances. "What if he didn't win?" they asked. Well, people thinking this knows he stand a chance. You know what, He will win. And, all the good things you think will happen to him, will happen to him.
I will leave you to agree with me that Mike will win this challenge. Thank you for your time.