Top 5 Best Phone Camera in 2019

Since the beginning of the year 2019, so many mobile manufacturing companies have released different types of mobile phone.

Some of these devices have similar features while others have a superior advantage over the other.

Battery, memory, processor, display, operating system, cost, and camera play a big role in determining the type of phone people buy.

The camera is still the biggest area of competition among top-end phones.

What is the Best Phone Camera in 2019?

According to Rebecca Scheinberg, a still-life and portraiture photographer. The top five of 2019's best camera phones.

They are the Google Pixel 4, Apple iPhone 11 Pro, Huawei Mate 30 Pro, OnePlus 7T Pro, Google Pixel 4 and Samsung Galaxy S10. LG, Sony and HTC didn’t make the cut.

5. OnePlus 7T

This is the most affordable large-screen phone here, from the smallest company by quite some margin. And OnePlus gets the “most improved” award, having made major improvements to its camera performance in the last 18 months.

Yes, it slightly overexposed its main studio shot, and its low-light image was painterly and neon-tinged. But its images out in the real world were charming.

OnePlus also has just about the most realistic-looking background blur going. The feature was revised in the 7-series phones for that very purpose. Rebecca rates the OnePlus 7T as the fifth-best camera in 2019.

4. Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s background blur subject isolation was among the most convincing, but its studio shots revealed a few weaknesses.

Its low-light image was very good but a less processed look than its better-lit counterparts. Rebecca rates it as the fourth-best camera in 2019.

3. Huawei Mate 30 Pro

The highly regarded Huawei Mate 30 Pro suffered a rate less compare to the other 3. This is because several of the images Rebecca took with it look severely undersaturated. The phone seems to favour bringing out fur texture rather than prioritising the wider appearance of the image.

The phone did perform well in other areas. Huawei has been accused of over-processing images countless times over the years, but it handles skin tones well.

It also performed well in the studio test, particularly with standard lighting (rather than low light). 

Results from the phone’s zoom were also peerless. Many phones with zooms and ultra-wides use relatively remedial hardware in their secondary cameras, but all three of the Huawei Mate 30’s main rear cameras (the fourth ToF one is not a standard photography camera) are great.

This is what makes the Huawei Mate 30 Pro such a fun travel camera. Rebecca rates it as the third-best camera in 2019.

2. iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro is the most striking of the 5. It is arguably the weakest in controlled conditions but tends to produce consistently eyeball-pleasing results out on the street. It's the best phone camera for street photography.

The iPhone 11 Pro is the obvious choice for lazy shooting. Its processing spits out images served the way most people like them, although its low-light images are slightly noisier than some and the approach is prescriptive and slightly stylised.

It is rated as the second-best camera by Rebecca.

1. Google Pixel 4

The Google Pixel 4 is Rebecca's recommended all-rounder of the five phones, best for low-light photography and thus the best phone camera, according to the pro photographer. None of these phones came out top in all areas, but Google’s latest does reach some impressive heights.

The Pixel 4 is quicker than its phone camera rivals, and produced the best results in her low-light studio test. 

“The Pixel really maintains its image when you zoom in, in low light. The others are not even a patch on it,” says Scheinberg. Its ability to identify and retain fine texture detail, where others struggle to differentiate it from signal noise, is remarkable.

Outdoors, the Pixel 4 produced natural images with scope for further editing and no weird colour casts. The Pixel 4’s dog photos were not quite as punchy as the iPhone’s but were not remotely as willowy as the Huawei’s either. “I reckon with a bit of editing you could make that a better image than, say, the iPhone that's already pre-processed,” Scheinberg says about one of the shots.